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YDL-L15 Series Pilot Hydraulic Directional Control Valves

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YDL-L15 series pilot hydraulic directional control valves are developed on DL-L15 manual control valves. It changed the control way from manual to pilot hydraulic which improves  the heavy manual control situation. Especially, it can be controlled by remote control with the pilot hydraulic control way. The power beyond function is on the YDL-L15 series, it is able to be connected with other hydraulic valves in series. The features of YDL-L15 pilot hydraulic control valves are compact construction, high working pressure, better working performance, reliable working, remote controlling and etc. Besides that, it realize to control many working functions by remote control. The valves are widely used on mechanical machines, sanitation machines, mining machines and other machines’ hydraulic systems.

Model YDL-L15 Dimensional Data

Parameters and character

1. Inner check valve: The check valve inside the valve body is to insure the hydraulic oil will not be returned.

2. Inner relief valve: The relief valve inside the valve body is able to adjust the hydraulic system working pressure.

3. Oil way: Parallel circuit, series circuit and composite with both circuit with power beyond.

4. Control Way: pneumatic control, manual control

5. Valve construction: sectional construction, 1-10 levers are available to assembled as you requests.

6. Spool Function: O,A,Y  etc.

7. Options of valves: The overload valves and make-up valve can be fitted on the two ends of the valve body.


Nom. Pressure




Nom.Flow rate


Back Pressure


Hydraulic Oil





Filtrating Accuracy










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