Solenoid Sectional Diverter Control Valve

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Solenoid Sectional Diverter Control Valve SVV09

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1. 6-way with alternating spool; it's sectional type to obtain 8-way or 10 way circuit.

 2. It's possible to flange mounting a block with cross return anti-shock valves.

3. Coils with several feeding voltage are available.

4. They are used as link between two consumers and the basic directional valve, when we want to control both consumers alternately by means of one basic directional control valve.

5. Diverters are used to add an extra facility to the directional control valve when it is needed for a sequence of operations  such as a safety operation or to control a selected hydraulic cylinder.

6. The stackable circuit selector valves allow one single drive fo 6 users with 5 diverters connected in series.

7. Please note the drainline must be connected back to tank at all times. 


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