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Ротационен вентил за калем

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В1 вентили за ротациони макари

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THE DIRECTIONAL CONTROL VALVE of the rotary spool type consists basically of a rotor which is rotated with respect to the valve body.When the rotor is placed in selected positions inlet and outlet ports are connected in various combinations permitting the start,stop or directional change of fluid under pressure.The functions specific to a valve primarily on rotor type selected。


Максимален притисок: 320 бар 

Maximum Flow: 90 l/min

Porting: standard 1/2

BSP Material: Steel spool in cast iron body. 

Weight: 2 kg. Mounting: 2 Bolt M10


Pарамери и карактер

Provides a fast and positive control of oil to and from cylinders and motors. Customers can select from one of three spool types allowing flow to be diverted from one line to another or in neutral position of pressure to tank.


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