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Секциски контролни вентили

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Сериски насочени вентили за управување со серија DF-50

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DF-50 multi-way valve is a parallel manual directional valve, with a highly integrated structure, small pressure loss, reliable work, easy installation and maintenance, and other characteristics, can achieve the centralized control of multiple actuators, according to the different requirements of the combination of functional valve. The series of multi - way valves each with a check valve. According to the needs of users, the overload valve or filling valve can be installed between any working chamber and oil return chamber, and the single and double action regulating handle can be converted according to different models. DF50 series multi - way valves are widely used in all kinds of walking machinery.

Model DF-50 Dimensional Data

Pарамери и карактер

1 Inner check valve:The check valve inside the valve body is to insure the hydraulic oil not to bereturned.

2 Inner relief valve:The relief valve inside the valve body is able to adjust the hydraulic system workingpressure.

3 Oil way:Parallel circuitpower beyond for option.

4 Control Way:manual control

5 Valve construction:sectional construction,1-10 levers are available to assembled as you requests.

6 Spool Function:O,A,Y,P,Q etc.

7 Options of valves:The overload valves and make-up valve can be fitted on the two ends of the valveoody.


Ном Притисок




Ном. Стапка на проток

(L / мин)

Притисок на грбот


Хидраулично масло




 (Mm2 / S)

Точност на филтрирање






-20~+ 80





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