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P40 sērijas vienbloku virziena vadības vārsts

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P40 series integral multiway valve is a kind of middle and high pressure integral multiway valve introduced from Europe by our company. The valve can be equipped with overflow valve and one-way valve according to customers' requirements. The relief valve can adjust the pressure and the one-way valve can prevent the oil flowing backwards. reversing
The valve slide valve function has A,O, P, Y and so on, may arbitrarily combine, the reversing handle has two kinds of installation forms, facilitates the different directions the operation, this valve USES the parallel or the series oil circuit, the design has the pressure to send the outlet to connect with other hydraulic pressure components to provide the power source. Through the special design sealing way, causes the valve sealing performance to be remarkable. The valve is widely used in forklift, sanitation vehicles, small loader and other construction machinery hydraulic system.

Model P40 Dimensional Data

Parametri un raksturs

1. P40 series valves with middle-high pressure monoblock construction is developed based on Europetechnology.

2. Inner check valve.The check valve inside the valve body is to insure the hydraulic oil not to beretumed.

3. Inner relief valve:The relief valve inside the valve body is able to adjust the hydraulic system working pressure.

4. Oil Way:Parallel circuit,power beyond option.

5. Control Way:Manual control,pneumatic control,hydraulic and electric control for optional.

6. Valve construction:monoblock construction,1-7 levers.

7. Spool Function:O,Y,P.A.

8. Option;Hyoraulic lock is available on A and B port. 

9. Available with manual,pneumatic control,electric and pneumatic control,hydraulic and electric control and etc.


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