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Otu Counterbalance Valve

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Otu na-atụgharị uche Valves

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Use And Operation

These valves are used to control actuator's movements and blockin one direction in order to have a under control descent of a load;load's weight doesn't carry it away, as the valve prevents any cavitations of the actuator.


Connect V1 and V2 to the pressure flow, C1 to the free flow side of the actuatorand C2 to the actuator's side you want the flow to be blocked. In-line mounting. 

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Materials and Features

Body: Zinc-plated steel

Internal parts: hardened and ground steel

Seals: BUNA N standard

Tightness: minor leakage

Standard setting:320bar

Valve setting must be at least 1,3 times more than load pressure in orderto enable the valve to close even when undergone to the maximum load pressure.


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