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HS8 Series na'ura mai aiki da karfin ruwa Sarrafa Sashe na Direction Control Valves

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HS8 series laminated multiway valves have introduced the European advanced technology, the specific structure is compact, high pressure resistance, long service life. HS8 each piece valve body may according to the customer request increase the overflow valve, the filling oil valve and so on. The control methods include manual control, pneumatic control, electro-hydraulic control and flexible shaft remote control, etc., to meet the different control requirements of customers. The valve is widely used in construction machinery, sanitation machinery, mining machinery and other machinery hydraulic system.

Model HS8 Dimensional Data

Parameters da hali

Simple, compact and heavy duty designed sectional valve from 1 to 12 sections for open and closed center hydraulic systems.

1 Fitted with a main pressure relief valve and a load check valve on every working section.

2 Available with parallel, tandem or series circuit.

3 Optional carry-over port.

4 A wide range of antishock+anticavitation port valves.

5 Intermediate sections for several types of circuit.

6 Available manual, pneumatic, electrohydraulic, proportional hydraulic, spool control kits.

7 Diameter 20 mm (0.79 in) interchangeable spools.


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Matsin baya


Man Hydraulic





Tace Daidaito

( μm )





-20~+ 80



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