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Grupo de válvulas proporcionais

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Grupos de válvulas de control proporcional LSP32

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Hydraulic, load-sensing and proportional valve, based on a modular concept suitable for several market segments across multiple application.

Is a pre-compensated system, the flow rate to the user is proportional to the spool position, independently of the working pressure and regardless of the number of sections used.



 1. Versions for different circuits:

  •  open center systems with fixed displacement pump;
  •  closed center systems with variable displacement LS pump.
  • Load-independent flow control
  • oil flow to an individual function is independent of the load pressure of this function;
  • Up to 12 basic modules.
  • Integrated pilot oil supply.
  • Load sense relief valves for A and B port enables reduced energy loss at target pressure.
  • Available anti-shock valves on ports with several setting of the pressure.
  • Several options for connection threads.


2. Several controls available:

  • manual with lever, also with friction detent
  • hydraulic and electro-hydraulic, proportional or on-off


Parameters e carácter

The main spools LSBS determine the flow out of the work section or the pressure build up, and are based on a generic platform with a wide selection of additional features, enabling you to tailor the main spools to suit the demands of any hydraulic system and any function.

The main spools can be activated in three different ways:

  • Mechanically by a LSM lever
  • Electrically by a LSPE/LSPEH actuator.
  • Hydraulically by a LSPH actuator.

Oil Flow Rated额定流量


130L / min


Max Pressure 最大压力



5075 psi

A / B


5075 psi



580 psi

Max. Internal Leakage (@100bar,50℃)


A / B

18 cm / min


Oil Temperature 油温


From -20℃-90℃

From -4℉-194℉

Oil Viscosity 油液粘度

Operating Rate 工作范围

From 15/s~75

From 15cst~75cst


12 / s

12 cst

Max 最大


400 cst

Ambient temperature range 环境温度


From -30℃-60℃

From -22℉-140℉

Max. Contamination最大污染


23/19/16 (ISO4406)


Filteration 过滤器


10 μm



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