Unidad de potencia para elevador de puerta trasera

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Power Unit For Tailgate Of Garbage Truck

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Equipped with two zero leakage double-check solenoid valves, this power unit has two independent circuits for the lifting cylinder and rotating cylinder of tailgate of electrical garbage truck. The lowering speed of the cylinders is regulated by the pressure compensated flow valve in the return line. This power unit can also be used in those applications where two separated hydraulic circuits are needed such as double scissors lift, doublepallet mover etc.

Notas especiales

1. The duty of this power unit is S3, i.e., 30 seconds on and 270 seconds off.

2. Clean all the hydraulic parts concerned before mounting the power unit.

3. Viscosity of the oil shoud be 15-68 cst, and the oil should be clean and free of impurities, N46 hydraulic oil is recommended .

4. This power unit should be mounted horizontally.

5. Check the oil level in the tank after the initial run of the power unit.

6. Oil changing is required after the initial 100 operation hours, afterwards once every 3000 hours.

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1.6ml / r




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