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Valvuli di Cuntrollu Monoblocu

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Valvuli di Cuntrollu Direzziunali Monoblocu Operati da u Solenoide di a Serie Z80

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Z80 series valves with middle-high pressure monoblock construction is developed based on Europe technology.

The monoblock directional control valves-solenoid operated, offer perfect choice whether you are designing a new system or just simply trying to get more out of your current system. With two special spools and 6 different monoblock housings these valves can meet the specific needs of your application and hydraulic schemes by their double acting in 3 positions A and D spools. 

Parametri è caratteru

1 Inner check valve: The check valve inside the valve body is to insure the hydraulic oil will not be returned.

2 Valvula di soccorsu interiore: A valvola di soccorsu in u corpu di a valvula hè capace di adattà a pressione di travagliu di u sistema idraulicu.

3 Oil way: Parallel circuit, power beyond option

4 Coils, Connector ISO4400: 12VDC, 24VDC

5 Threads:P,A,B-G1/2, SAE10, T-G3/4,SAE12

6 Valve construction: Monoblock construction, 1-6 levers.

7 Precise bore honing and spool grinding results in less cross-port leakage and less wasted energy. These precise valves also allow for interchangeable spools for easy on place maintenance.


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