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Valvuli di Cuntrollu Sezziunali

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Valvola di Cuntrollu Direzziunale Sezziunale di Cuntrollu Idraulicu Serie HS10

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HS10 series laminated multiway valve has introduced the European advanced technology, the concrete has the structure compact, the high pressure resistance, the service life is long. The flow rate is as high as 400l/min, which fills the gap of large flow multi-way valve in China. HS10 each piece of valve body can be according to customer requirements to increase the overflow valve, filling oil valve. The control methods include manual control, pneumatic control, electro-hydraulic control and flexible shaft remote control, etc., to meet the different control requirements of customers. The valve is widely used in construction machinery, sanitation machinery, mining machinery and other machinery hydraulic system.

Modellu Dati dimensionali HS10

Parametri è caratteru

1 Sectional directional control valve for high flow, available for fixed displacements hydraulic pumps.

2 From 1 to 10 work sections

3 Open center

4 Optional carry-over port

5 Main pilot relief valve on inlet cover and load check valve on every section

6 Available wide range of port valves Available manual and hydraulic control kits

7 Diameter 30 mm (1.18 in) interchangeable spools


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-20~+ 80




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