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Monoblock መቆጣጠሪያ ቫልቮች

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ZD-L15 ተከታታይ Monoblock አቅጣጫ መቆጣጠሪያ ቫልቮች

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ZD-L15 multi-way directional valve is a kind of medium-high pressure integral multi-way directional valve independently designed and developed by our company. The valve can be installed with overflow valve, one-way valve, oil filling valve and so on. The overflow valve can adjust the pressure of the system, the one-way valve can prevent the oil from flowing backward in the armpit, the reversing valve and the slide valve function can be A, 0, Y, P, etc., which can be arbitrarily combined. The reversing handle is available in two forms for easy operation in different directions. The valve USES parallel oil circuit, design a pressure outlet and other hydraulic components to provide power source. Through the special design sealing way, causes the valve sealing performance to be remarkable. The valve is widely used in the hydraulic system of engineering machinery such as forklifts, sanitation vehicles and small loaders.

ሞዴል ZD-L15 ልኬት መረጃ

Parameters እና ባህሪ

Monoblock directional control valves has many outstanding features including high performance, high efficiency, small volume, mass flow, and leak proof.

1 Monoblock types with 2 to 4 working sections

2 Flow 63 l/min with pressure 160bar, 200bar, 315bar

3 Spring side control options: T (spring return) and W (detent control)

4 Joining port: L (screw connection)

5 Parallel circuit

6 Spool function: O, P. Y, A 


7 Nominal diameter: G1/2; G3/8; M18*1.5; M22*1.5

8 Model examples: ZD-L15E-2OT; ZD-L15F-2OT.QT etc.

9 Lever side control options: manual, pneumatic control, electric and pneumatic control, micro-switch control. 




ከፍተኛ ግፊት


Nom.የፍሰት መጠን


የጀርባ ግፊት


የሃይድሮሊክ ዘይት




(ሚሜ 2/ኤስ)

የማጣራት ትክክለኛነት






-20~+ 80





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